August 12, 2016

Long Distance Moving

Within the State of Kansas

We are a family-owned company based in Wichita, Kansas and, as such, do not operate as part of a network.   While our company does not enjoy the vast manpower and flexibility that a national network can offer, our method of operation offers certain advantages to the customer over those of the traditional van line:

1)   SAME TRUCK TO DESTINATION– while a van line will often transfer a load to a warehouse for subsequent transfer to a different truck headed for your destination, it is our routine procedure that your belongings remain secure inside of our truck for the duration of the trip.  

2)   SAME CREW LOADING & UNLOADING- since we use the same truck from start to finish, and have no affiliate offices in other cities from which to draw help with the unloading, the same crew that loaded you will also unload you.  Yes, we could probably hire day laborers in most of the destination cities to assist with the unload  but we do not use workers with whom we are not familiar.  Our employees have been drug-screened, background-checked, and specially trained by us. 

3)   NO COMBINING OF LOADS- while van lines often transport the belongings of several different customers together on the same truck we rarely combine loads.

4)   LOWER COST- since we do not have the large staff and high advertising costs of the larger companies we can perform most moves at a lower cost to you.

If you are moving from the Wichita area it is recommended that we provide an on-site quote for your move.   There is no charge for this service within Sedgwick County and it will provide us valuable information regarding how much manpower and resources to apply to your move to complete it successfully and on-time.  If an on-site quote is not possible, one of our moving specialists will be happy  to assist you via telephone in determining a “ball-park” estimate of your move by guiding you through a few questions.  Based upon our quote or upon the information you provide we are able to provide you with a time-line showing packing dates (if included), loading and unloading dates, and travel dates all designed to fit within your desired time frame.