August 12, 2016

Office Moving

Whether your office is relocating to another city, another floor, across town, or temporarily rearranging furniture to accommodate the installation of new carpet we can help.   Our crews are experienced with all types of desks and workstations.  We will disassemble items no more than is necessary to properly transport them to their new location.   Once relocated, these items are re-assembled to their original configuration.  File safes, conference tables, vertical file cabinets, and lateral file cabinets are no problem.  Every box, cabinet, and piece of furniture is placed in the exact location that you specify.

As with residential moves, we schedule office moves on a first-come, first-served basis Mondays through Saturdays.  Your charges will be computed by multiplying the time we are on your job by our hourly rate.  The time starts when we arrive at your current location and stops when are finished at your new place.  Any time taken out for lunch is on our clock, not yours.  A trip charge will be included in the final bill.

For your peace of mind (and that of building management) we are fully insured including cargo insurance, general liability, and worker’s compensation on our employees.

Let us at Moving Kansas LLC handle your next office move.  Our hard-working and conscientious crews will see to it that your business experiences a minimum of down time and you’ll be back to work before you know it.